404 Pages, Broken Backlinks, Crawl Errors I Will Fix It



What is a 404 error?
Many posts have been posted on your website. You deleted a post from them. When a visitor enters that link, the page shows a 404 error. The visitor then leaves the website. Then the bounce rate of your website increases.

What might be the problem with the 404 error page?
These are all links to your website as recorded in Google. Google does not like it if there is an error in any of the links there. Google provides a special warning for this problem. Which signals something bad for the site.

What is Broken Backlink?
There are many types of posts on your website. If that post is to be SEO friendly then you have to create Internal / External Backlink. If this link is damaged for any reason, it is called a Broken Link.

How can I solve this problem?
Don’t worry, I’m here to fix your problem. If you want, I’ll fix these problems for you.

What benefits can I get from you?
> 404 Page Not Broken links.
> Investigate Other Crawl Errors in Google Search Console.
> SEO Friendly Redirection.
> Future Monitoring.
> Tips on how to keep your site good.
> Full Money Back Guaranty.
> Unlimited Revision.

What I will need to get started?
— Google Search Console Access.
— Website Admin Access.
— Cpanel Access (If Your site isn’t WordPress website)

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